Guardian Program

Thank you for having an interest in our guardian home program.  Dogs are very social animals. They love their families and love being a part of a family.  The guardian pup is placed in a loving home, while the breeding rights are retained by Serendipity Doodles. Once the guardian dog has completed his/her breeding contract, they remain your forever pet.


how it works:

*when we have a prospective breeding pup, we look for a forever home for her

*the guardian home is responsible for routine vet care, grooming and to provide a loving home

*we expect our guardian homes to attend obedience classes and to socialize the pup

*when the pup reaches breeding age she will come to our home to be bred, return to your house until 1 week prior to their due date, have her pups and return home after the pups are weaned

*she will be bred 4 times max


*live within 1 hour of Ellwood City

*preferred a fenced yard

*have prior dog experience

*have lots of love to give

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Please fill out the adoption application to start.